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Battery energy storage systems to power a cleaner world.

We specialise in battery energy storage systems that give businesses flexibility over their power.

By giving used electric vehicle batteries a second life, we're providing a greener energy alternative.

Pioneering the circular economy - EV batteries

Our world-leading technology, designed and developed in the UK, is powering businesses across the UK and Europe.

We’ve worked to develop our solutions since 2010, driven by a desire to make sure materials aren’t wasted – and helping businesses seeking a greener energy solution.

Our Product

Flexible, scalable battery energy storage systems

The E-STOR is our commercial scale battery energy storage system. It’s been intelligently designed to allow multiple second life EV batteries to be reused as one stationary modular storage system. Straightforward to install, easy to manage and puts you firmly in control of your energy.




Supporting the decarbonisation of buildings within the university sector.


Local Councils

We’re accelerating local councils and the public sector towards their decarbonisation goals.

E-STOr prototype

Commercial and Industrial

Used by commercial operations to overcome many energy challenges.

Matthew Lumsden at Umicore site

Ports & Harbours

Supporting the electrification of ports and harbours with BESS.

Battery energy storage data

EV Charging

Supporting EV charging infrastructure by overcoming power demands on sites.

Battery energy storage at waste management site

Solar and Other Renewables

Optimising the use of on-site generation to reduce costs and carbon.

Connected Energy investors at the company's technical centre

The Reasons

The benefits of battery energy storage systems


Reduce energy costs

By using energy from the battery when tariffs are at their peak.


Optimise renewables

Like solar and wind to store surplus generation and use when it's needed.


Manage peak loads

By supporting energy-intensive equipment including EV charging.


Overcome capacity constraints

Avoiding expensive grid upgrades.


Generate additional revenue

By providing balancing services to grid operators.


Respond to a site’s energy assets

With the battery linking to site energy management systems.

Optimise a site’s energy use

Our battery energy storage system can support the way a building uses power by integrating the battery with the site’s energy system. Flexibly store and discharge energy when it’s needed most.

Solving an energy challenge

Whether a business is facing a capacity constraint; needs to manage peak loads; support additional infrastructure or reduce carbon emissions, battery energy storage systems can help.

Generate revenue

Make additional revenue by providing balancing services or selling energy back to the grid operator. It all helps you to make a quicker return on your investment and business case.

Latest Case Study


University of Sheffield AMRC

Latest Case Study

With an ambition to develop one of the UK’s most advanced building management systems, the University
of Sheffield AMRC has installed two Connected Energy battery energy storage systems. The systems support
their solar PV to provide clean energy to their manufacturing centre.

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